Natalie Langmann
Natalie Langmann Natalie Langmann Natalie Langmann Natalie Langmann Natalie Langmann Natalie Langmann
  Shin Campos "Natalie has been writing on the BC and Canadian snowboard scene for the past few years. As a women writer its hard to break into the mainly male dominant backcountry scene, but with her sled skills, persistence, and love of the same mountain culture as her male counterparts she's easily become a passionate voice for our sport. She's captured many great stories and explained why we love our mountains and mountain life."

Shin Campos
  Jeff Corbett Photography "I've had the opportunity to work with Natalie extensively over the last seven or eight years, and we sure have experienced a lot. Natalie brings a fun enthusiastic personality on all our trips and brings the same to her writing. Nat can turn seemingly mundane events into tales of high adventure and humor, and never disappoints when it comes to writing a great story."

Jeff Corbett
  Jon Cartwright "I have been on a couple of sweet trips with Natalie and after reading her work I always smile thinking back about how much fun we really had! Sometimes you need to read it to believe. Nat's pieces from a few of our trips were hilarious and made me "wish I was there"...oh wait I was."

Jon Cartwright
  Marie-France Roy “I couldn't believe how great the interview was that Natalie wrote for me. We just met for a drink on a nice patio in Whistler and after one long super fun hang out, she was able to resume my whole life exactly how I wanted it resumed. No notes, no recorder, she doesn’t even need it. Honestly, the best interview I ever had, and I made a new friend!”

Marie-France Roy
  Phil Tifo "Natalie is a girl who really loves snowboarding. I've been sledding with her for almost a decade, and she's been on some of my most fun photo trips. She's on top of all the organization, while all the guys turn in circles wondering what to do. She makes sure that things run well with the group and with the logistics of the trip. I've always like how Natalie writes her articles; she makes her words feel like your there part of the action and all the fun. Nat describes events and elaborates on subjects the way snowboarding journalism should be: fun, easy to read, and interesting."

Phil Tifo